More blooms in the herb garden

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Bee on White Horehound


Herbs, Grosso Lavender

Second flush of flowers on Grosso lavender

Two surprises were waiting for me tonight in the herb garden at Rutgers Gardens.  One of the Grosso lavender plants is pushing out a second flush of flowers.  Like most second flushes, the flowers are small and sparse.  I’ve never heard of lavender blooming more than once a year, have you?  Coincidentally, it is a plant that I had been doing a little experimental hard pruning on in July.  Perhaps the pruning stimulated new flowers as well as new growth?

Herbs, White Horehound

White horehound flowers

Across the way, the white horehound has begun to bloom.  Because it is a perennial and this is its first year, I wasn’t expecting it to bloom until next year.  The tiny white flowers and silvery foliage contrast perfectly with the ferny green foliage and white flowers of the nearby yarrow.  Even the flower forms, umbrels for the yarrow and whorls of flowers on the stems of the horehound look great together.  I’m giving myself a pat on the back for coming up with that combo.

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