Greenhouse and Garden Again

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Now comes the hard part in the greenhouse, transplanting seedlings into their sale containers.

How do you go from this . . .



. . .to this?


By spending hours hunched over a bench, carefully picking apart tiny seedlings and then very carefully transplanting them, 2 at a time, into their new homes.  It’s backbreaking work.


When my back was too painful to continue, I escaped to the herb garden to do some more weeding. I’m amazed that I am able to weed in March. Normally it is too cold and very often there is still snow on the ground, so I don’t begin my weeding until April. But we have had an exceptionally warm spring, so I have been able to get an early jump on the weeds.

The perennial herbs are popping up again. Here is the anise hyssop:

Anise Hyssop

The Hot & Spicy oregano is spreading. I may have to get rid of some. I don’t want it to take over.

Oregano Hot and Spicy

Weeding helped my back tremendously. I bend from my hips, so I was able to give it a good stretch. I was almost pain-free when I finished my weeding. There is still more to do, but I have plenty of time to get to it before I start planting the garden in May.

2 Comments on “Greenhouse and Garden Again”

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