Wednesday Fun Fact – Chamomile

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Chamomile is known as “the plant doctor” because it aids the growth and improves the health of many other plants when grown near them.

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  1. I have planted my new dicorateve garden which, ok I admit I only planted it so it could attract bees to pollinate my tomato’s. any way, I heard that you have to have flowers all year round so you keep your bees coming. so I want to know of some good variety’s to look out for that bloom in autumn, early winter, late winter etc, for New Zealand climate, and Bees are also attracted to blue and purple, know some good ones, I don’t know what the ones I have are called. I have some that start in spring and some that are just about to bloom.err, your nearly right about bees hibernating, but honey bees don’t hibernate and they are much better pollinators than bumbles. that’s why I want flowers in the winter, sorry about the other miss understanding that I don’t actually want a bloom that lasts all year, I want to have one bloom starting to flower at the time another finishes, however, the information you gave is help full, thank you.

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