The ___ ate my tarragon!

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I’ve had terrible luck growing tarragon. The first year I tried growing it, the herbs around it grew faster than it did and shaded it out. So I moved it to the sunny edge of my garden where the landscapers mistook it for a weed and “helpfully” removed it for me.

Obviously, the front of my house is not a good place to grow tarragon. This year I tried creating a tiny garden bed in one of the only spots with sun in my generally shady, north-facing backyard. I put a little plastic fence around it to discourage any “help” from the landscapers.

My tarragon flourished! It was growing beautifully and I was all set to take a picture of it when it disappeared. Literally. Nothing was left of it. There was just an inexplicable space in my garden where it had been.

Something must have eaten it. Deer don’t like strongly scented or strongly flavored plants and leave my herbs and surrounding flowers alone. Ditto rabbits. I see a lot of rabbits in my backyard but I’ve never seen them in my garden. They prefer munching on the abundant lawn.

It must have been a squirrel. I’ve seen one or two this year frolicking in the trees that edge my backyard. This is the first time I’m seeing them since I moved in four years ago. Squirrels will eat anything. I’ve heard stories of them chewing threw metal screens and even concrete.

Rodents don’t like mint and the squirrels haven’t bothered my Pot-o-Mint but I’m keeping an eagle eye on my container of basil, leeks and fennel.

2 Comments on “The ___ ate my tarragon!”

  1. I had 3 small plants of parsley, one walked off, literally…it was swiped by someone cutting across my lawn.

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