Pennsylvania Herb & Garden Festival

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I was excited to go to the Pennsylvania Herb & Garden Festival in York, PA today.  I had seen a lot of positive things about it online so I was willing to drive 2 ½ hours to attend.  DSC_0001 

Upon arrival, I was happy to see a cute display of herbs, flowers and veggies in the lobby, but upon entering the “festival” itself, I was disappointed to discover that it was just a large marketplace for local plant growers, potters, costume jewelers and other purveyors of handmade goods.   

I had been expecting something along the lines of the flower shows I have been to, with lovely display gardens as the main attraction and vendors as a smaller component rather than the only component.   DSC_0004

The fellow herb enthusiast who accompanied me had been looking forward to attending the talks but discovered that there was no posted schedule so she had no way of knowing who was talking when and on what topics.   

As I looked out over the rows and rows of vendors, I thought to myself that I didn’t need to drive 5 hours roundtrip to PA to buy herbs.  I sell herbs myself in NJ.

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