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Ginger Sprout Crop2

Ginger Sprout Crop2This is what patience (and procrastination) looks like. Back in February, I decided to try growing ginger. I purchased a hand of ginger at Trader Joe’s so I could get an organic one. I made sure that it had eyes. Then I planted it in a deep pot so that it would be the required three inches deep, watered it and waited.

And waited. And waited. By the end of March, I decided that something had gone wrong and I should just dump the whole thing. But at this time of year I am crazy busy with greenhouse work, writing up the herb catalog for the sale, working on the pre-sale talk for members and scheduling volunteers for the actual sale.

So the pot didn’t get dumped. Instead, it sat on the shelf and even got watered every time I watered my containers. Every day I would look at it and remind myself that it should be gotten rid of and then I would promptly move on to something more pressing that absolutely had to be done that day instead.

This morning when I looked at it, I noticed a tiny shoot peeking up out of the soil! Two and a half months after planting, my ginger has finally sprouted! I’m so glad that I didn’t dump the pot.

Sometimes procrastination is a good thing.

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