Germander, a Flexible Herb

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Knot Garden

I was preparing to teach a workshop on growing and pruning herbs recently when I made a dismaying discovery. As I was making up my notes for the section on knot gardens which originally used germander, I realized that I knew nothing about germander other than the fact that it had been used in knot gardens. So much for dazzling my audience with my in-depth knowledge of lesser known herbs! There wasn’t time to do any meaningful research so I just had to admit during the workshop that I knew very little about germander.

The first thing I did after the workshop was to finally do that research on germander to find out what it has been used for other than knot gardens. Turns out that it is a very flexible herb with some very different uses. Discover them for yourself in my article on germander.

2 Comments on “Germander, a Flexible Herb”

  1. I have just started a liltte herb garden in my backyard. So far I have one raised planter with Oregano, Rosemary & Lavander. I have it in direct sunlight outside. I also hav a smaller plant pot with two kinds of Basil and I was thinking of adding Parsley to it today, it wasn’t doing good next to the Oregano planter so I moved it to the shaded window ledge. Should I bring it inside and can I put the Parsley in with the Basil?Thanks in advance

    1. Parsley needs sunlight. It will do better with the basil which likes a lot of water rather than with the rosemary and lavender which like to be dry.

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