Four Thieves Vinegar – pour a little history on your salad

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Four Thieves Vinegar.  The name alone is exciting and a little mysterious.  Right away, you know that there is a story behind it.  In this case, there are multiple stories all of which take place during the Middle Ages when Plague was widespread in Europe.  Of the two most popular stories, one says that four men were caught stealing and as punishment were forced to collect and bury Plague victims.  The other says that the four thieves were actually robbing the dead and dying.  In both cases, legend has it that they used a vinegar concoction to protect them from the Plague.

The original recipes contained about a dozen herbs.  According to modern science, the resulting mixture does have some anti-bacterial properties if rubbed on the skin.   Four Thieves Vinegar is still sold today, but for culinary use rather than medicinal.  It is usually made with four herbs, one for each thief, plus garlic. You can find the recipe in my article, Grow Your Own Four Thieves Vinegar.    You can use it make a vinaigrette and pour a little history on your salad.

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