Cleopatra Oregano, a 2015 AAS Winner

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Cleopatra Oregano

Cleopatra OreganoThis year Rutgers Gardens, a display garden for AAS, is growing another 2015 winner: Cleopatra Oregano. Last year we grew the Dolce Fresca basil, also a 2015 winner.

Cleopatra oregano is different from the usual oreganos. It’s an Origanum syriaca with a spicier flavor that has a hint of mint in it. They are also known as Lebanese oregano or Syrian oregano and used in za’atar mixes. They normally grow about 3 feet tall but Cleopatra is tiny, only 10 inches tall, perfect for a container.

Today I transplanted it out of its seeding square into a flat of individual containers. There is enough that I will be able to plant a few in the herb garden also. Be sure to look for it when you visit!

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  1. When I thought that I have grown every type of herbal plant referred to as Zaatar, I find another one.

    I thank you for this, I see that Burpee sells seeds. I am ordering ASAP.

    I am driven to grow and propagate as many or ALL plants that are referred to as Zaatar that is found throughout the world.

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