Bringing the Herb Garden Indoors

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Last year I successfully overwintered cuttings from my Pest Perpetuo basil.  The basil in the India Bed that I have been tending all summer did so well despite the drought (a big THANK YOU to the ladies who kept the entire herb garden so well-watered this summer) . . .


. . . that I just had to try taking cuttings to overwinter this year.


Going left to right along the windowsill:

Pesto Perpetuo (Ocimum basilicum citriodorum)
Clove Basil or Tree Basil (Ocimum gratissimum ‘Clove’)
Holy Basil or Spice Basil (Ocimum americanum)
Purple Tulsi Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum)

Once they are rooted, I will transplant them into their own pots. I’m counting on losing some of them because I just don’t have space for 12 separate containers.

Which did stop me from trying to winter over some pepper cuttings! Did you know that you can winter over pepper plants? I didn’t!

I grew a lovely Thai Dragon pepper in a strawberry pot this summer. Just because I liked the name.


It produced about a dozen peppers which I am now drying.

I don’t have space indoors for the entire plant, so I took cuttings to try and winter over. If successful, they will be planted in my kitchen garden in the spring.


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