Wherein each child gets his own room

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Last year when I wintered over cuttings of Pesto Perpetuo basil, I put all 4 cuttings in one container and left them there until they outgrew the container and had to be separated. At that point, the root systems were large and tangled and hard to separate. The poor plants not only had to endure transplant shock but additionally having … Read More

Meanwhile, in the kitchen garden . . .

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I took a quick trip out to the EARTH Center to check on the garlic and strawberries that I had planted. Normally by November we have had at least one hard frost and I would have cut down all of the dead foliage on the herbs in the bed. It’s been so warm this fall that the herbs are still … Read More

First Haircut

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Oh my . . . someone is getting quite tall. This is the Spice Basil that I took cuttings of on October 5. The easiest way to tell if your cuttings have taken root is if they are producing new growth. Yes, these are rooted. Tall, lanky plants are not healthy plants so I have pruned them down to the … Read More

Bringing the Herb Garden Indoors

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Last year I successfully overwintered cuttings from my Pest Perpetuo basil.  The basil in the India Bed that I have been tending all summer did so well despite the drought (a big THANK YOU to the ladies who kept the entire herb garden so well-watered this summer) . . . . . . that I just had to try taking cuttings … Read More