DIY Candied Ginger

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Candied Ginger

One of the classic flavors of the Christmas season is ginger. Gingerbread, ginger cookies, ginger cakes, the list is endless. Another way to add ginger flavor to your holiday desserts is by using candied ginger. Candied ginger is fresh ginger that has been first cooked and then dried with sugar. Use it in moderation. It has more sugar in it … Read More


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Ginger Sprout Crop2

This is what patience (and procrastination) looks like. Back in February, I decided to try growing ginger. I purchased a hand of ginger at Trader Joe’s so I could get an organic one. I made sure that it had eyes. Then I planted it in a deep pot so that it would be the required three inches deep, watered it … Read More

The Fun Begins

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Seedlings 2017 1

Remember those seeds that I sowed two weeks ago? This is what they looked like today: It’s amazing what a heat mat and misters can accomplish in a short period of time. The basils are overflowing their containers and need out immediately. Hey, what happened to that missing square? Did the seeds fail to germinate? Did the seedlings die? Nope! … Read More

Herbs at the Flower Show

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Flower Show Thyme

I always like to attend the NJ Flower & Garden Show on the first day when the plants are all new and fresh. The show starts on a Thursday so by going on the first day, I also avoid the weekend crowds. I didn’t see a lot of herbs this year, but I did spot this cute little herb garden. … Read More