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Common Sage
Common Sage

New growth on the sage

The herb garden at Rutgers Gardens is a xeriscape.  There is no irrigation.  The only moisture that the plants receive is precipitation; rain, snow, sleet, etc.  All of the herbs planted in the garden are drought tolerant.

New Jersey has been in a drought all summer.  Rainstorms have been few and far between.  I’ve discovered that one of the advantages of a drought tolerant garden is that during a drought, there are many fewer weeds!

Herbs, Grosso Lavender

Second flush of flowers on Grosso lavender

Despite the extreme dryness, most of the plants are thriving.  The sage to which I gave a severe pruning is steadily pushing out new growth.  The yarrow which is in its first year is also pushing out new growth.  Most surprising is the Grosso lavender.  One of the plants is actually flowering for a second time.  I’ve never seen lavender bloom twice in one season.



Yarrow New Growth

New growth on yarrow

After weeks of no rain, the white horehound and anise hyssop began to seriously droop.  I was concerned about them and gave them each 1 watering can of water.  I always carry a watering can with me to water in new plantings or help out any struggling plants.



I didn’t go out to the Gardens last week because it rained.  And rained and rained.  For about four days.  It has been helpful but we are still in a big water deficit.  When I visited tonight, the change in the white horehound and anise hyssop was remarkable.  They are perky and green again.


Anise Hyssop Duo

Anise Hyssop

White Horehound Duo

White Horehound


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