A Bay Laurel in My Kitchen

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I’ve always wanted a bay laurel. No kitchen is complete without one. But we never have them at the plant sale at Rutgers Gardens. You can imagine my excitement when I found one last fall at a local nursery. It leans to one side but it was the last one that they had in stock and it was on sale so I snatched it up. I bought it a large pot, also on sale, that will look lovely in my garden when I bring it outside in the summer. Don’t you love end of season sales?

So far it has been doing well in my kitchen. It hasn’t dropped any leaves nor has it grown much so I probably won’t have to do any pruning in the spring. A little fertilizer should be sufficient to carry it through the growing season.

I’m looking forward to many years of harvesting leaves to dry and use when I cook. To find out how to dry them, as well as how to grow a bay laurel in your own kitchen, read my article Bay Laurel.

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