Another Tuesday in the Greenhouse

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Seeds sown last week

If it’s Tuesday, then I must be in the greenhouse! The regular Saturday work days don’t begin until next Saturday, so I’ve been dashing in on the Tuesday work days to get my seeding done.

The first thing I do any day that I come, is to check on the seeds that were sown the previous week. Things are really hopping this year. All of the seeds that were sowed last week have germinated! This is quite a change from last year when we had a massive seed failures.

Very few of the basil seeds that we sowed last year germinated. My guess is that it was due to the extreme cold during the winter of 2014-2015. We experienced zero and sub-zero weather for days, very unusual for NJ. And I think that the seeds that were ordered were making their transit in the mail during all of this frigid weather resulting in the death of most of the basil seeds. Not surprising considering that they are tropical plants. So far this year, all of the basil is germinating.


Seeds sown today

Today I sowed lovage and 3 kinds of fennel:

Bronze Fennel
Zefa Fino Fennel
Perfection Fennel

Perfection fennel is new for me. It’s supposed to have been developed for cool northern climates. I’m not sure that NJ qualifies as a cool northern climate, but we’ll see. I’ll ask for feedback from our customers who buy it at Spring Flower Fair and let you know what they say.

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