• Common Buckeye butterfly on yarrow.  There were swarms of butterflies until late in the fall this year.  The weather is finally getting colder and the butterflies have almost entirely disappeared. 
#herbs #herbsofinstagram #herbflowers #flowersofinstagram #butterflies #butterfliesofinstagram #perennial #droughttolerant #yarrow
  • Autumn has been so warm this year that I am still finding caterpillars on my fennel in November.
#herbs #herbsofinstagram #fennel #caterpillar
  • Happy Halloween!  Can you guess what these scary objects are that I found in the rosemary hedge?  Hint: they are something that organic gardeners are happy to see.
#herbs #herbsofinstagram #rosemary #perennial #droughttolerant #beneficialinsects #prayingmantis
  • Fall was so warm this year that the hyssop hedge bloomed through October.  Fall flowers are important to hungry beneficial insects. 
#herbs #herbsofinstagram #herbflowers #flowers #flowersofinstagram #hyssop #perennial

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Herb Garden Design

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